Tell Me About These Crystals & That Boutique!

I've always been drawn to crystals. As a child my mom had a few in the house that always caught my attention. I remember playing in rock gardens and collecting all the special stones in my little plastic cup, then comparing with my bestie.

Over quarantine I started to expand my personal crystal collection and enjoyed learning more about their healing properties. I watched a lot of live sales (because what else was there to do on a Friday night in quarantine?!). I love how the crystal community is extremely diverse, yet people come together peacefully to share the same hobby. After purchasing from a few different shops, I noticed myself looking at the business aspect, what made that shop stand out or what diverted me from it. Then I got the crazy idea to start my own crystal shop. From there I started sourcing out vendors.

When thinking about naming my shop I didn't want to limit myself to only crystals. I like to get creative and love handmade goods, so I decided a Boutique would fit well. I also know that unless you are a "kid in a candy store" around crystals (as my husband says about me), it may not be something you are looking to purchase so often, and I want to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Currently working on special projects and will have pop-up collections that I can't wait to roll out.

Let's touch on crystal energy for those of you new to this. Crystals act as a magnet and transmit positive energy flow through the body and do away with negative toxic energy. Many cultures throughout history have used crystals for healing, protection and ritual purposes. Since crystals are naturally extracted, they hold the energies of the sun, moon, and oceans (all-natural healing energies) to improve our state. Whether used as a form of good luck, healing tools, or simply for decorative aesthetics, crystal power is back, and the community is vast! Is there one crystal better than the other? No, crystals are chosen based on your personal preference and what you are attracted to. If you are attracted to a certain crystal, you may need the healing properties it has to offer. Crystals also always find their rightful owners.

What is so intriguing to me is that these special pieces come from all over the World! They hold a wealth of energy from Mother Earth, whether you believe it or not. It's really something if you think about it. Someone mined these crystals, and I can connect with them from around the globe to select the very best to share with you for your home. How's that for a vibe!

- Vanessa

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