👽 Moldavite is a form of tektite formed about 15 MILLION years ago from a meteorite impact in Southern Germany. It fell over the Moldau River Valley in Czech Republic. There are only a few active mines left and will eventually be exhausted. 


👽 This glass (not crystal) varies in color from forest green, olive green to blueish green with trapped air bubbles and #alien character. These green gems are among the most rare minerals on earth and have been given as gifts from royalty to royalty.


👽 Tektites are natural glass formed from #terrestrial debris ejected during #meteorite impacts.


👽 It is believed it has the power to quicken one's spiritual evolution. This is a powerful high vibrational energy and chakra opener. Wearing moldavite helps manifest positive life changes and sleeping with it activates the dream state.


👽Even ones not sensitive to stone energy often feel the energy of moldavite. You may sense heat, tingling, pulsing sensation or rush of energy up your body. This is something you grow into and build up a tolerance for its energy (I never experienced energy from a stone or crystal myself until my first piece of moldavite).


👽 I saw on some groups moldavite is trending on tiktok, so you may have heard of it. Although trending, it isn't for everyone. Some who have been practicing with crystals for years do not work with moldavite because it pushes you to reach your spiritual awakening/transformation and some are not ready to face that.


👽 I was lucky to grab a few pieces which have been authenticated and will be making necklace pendants as the one pictured. This has been paired with #herkimer diamonds. Herkimer diamonds make you feel comfortable and attain inner peace. When paired with moldavite it amplifies the effects.


🛸🖖 If you're ready to feel the energy of the stone that fell to earth 15 million years ago, this intuitively wrapped piece is for you. 3.9 Grams of authentic moldavite wrapped with herkimer diamond and paired with a silver 17.5" chain.


Pendant is approximately 1.5"L x .5"W

Authentic Moldavite Pendant